Activities of Swasraya

Programme in action
Swasraya proposes to conduct, annually, three training courses of 90days duration with a maximum of 12 trainees in a batch. During the period of training, the trainees will have to stay at the centre along with a bystander. The total expenses on a trainee and his/her attendant/by stander, including accommodation and food, will come to Rs 5000 a month and Rs 15000 for the entire course.
Two batches of trainees have successfully completed the course and selection for the third batch is progressing. Swasraya is yet to enter the second phase of its programme of providing vocational training and rehabilitation. Additional buildings, equipment, staff and finance are to be found and efforts are being made to locate sponsors who are willing to offer vocational training facilities and employment opportunities
Swasraya has enlisted the services of a number of medical experts in different specialties to treat and advise the trainees. While Dr. Thomas Elias, Physiotherapist looks after Swasraya’s training programme on a full-time basis, Dr.Teuny Jones MBBS, Medical Officer in Charge, Dr. Saly Mathai MD(Ayur), Dr.Honey Jones BAMS, Fr. Edward George M.Phil,B.D (Clinical Psychologist) Bishop Vayalil Hospital Moolamattom and Mrs. Jiji Johnson Counseller, Samnvaya, Pampakuda visit the Centre regularly and Dr. Sojan Ipe, Medical Superintendent and Head of the Neurology Department,Malankara Medical Mission Hospital, Kolenchery is available on call for specialised services and advice
Already drawn up is an ambitious scheme of food preservation. A variety of fruits are available in nearby areas practically all through the year. The plan is to collect, clean and process the fruits under hygienic conditions at the Centre and market them in attractive containers. The total outlay on this scheme will be Rs 50 lakhs.
Proposed activities of Swasraya.
Impart training to paraplegics (and their families) to manage their daily chores without external help
Familiarise the patients with the equipment and facilities at Swasraya and train them how to use
Provide treatment and care for their discomforts and minor ailments and suggest effective treatment in case of serious problems
Offer counselling facilities to those trainees found to have depression and other retrograde attitudes and bring them to a level of satisfaction and optimism
Provide training in occupations to suit their talents, capabilities and aspirations as a prelude to occupational rehabilitation
Undertake, within Swasraya’s financial limitations, the responsibility of looking after economically poor trainees and provide them with rehabilitation facilities
Donate, free of cost or at subsidised prices, equipment and facilities required by the economically poor trainees to overcome their physical deficiencies
Build an active fellowship of paraplegics to bring happiness and satisfaction for themselves, their families and other dear ones